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The Pathological Arrow

Emily Mills writes that boiled down, the fear of dissolving the self leads to a lot of psychopathology, and the way we deal with that fear as clinicians might speak to how we address it in our own lives. Do we seek to alleviate it, or do we call it into the light of day? Continue reading



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Zen and the Art of “What If?”

Could your life have been totally different had you never made a certain mistake?

We’ve all wondered this from time to time and sometimes this wonder becomes pervasive. Below is a Zen student’s Dharma talk focused on the explication of a kōan. Kōans are the folk literature of Zen and, in the Harada-Yasutani and Rinzai schools, are used as the focus of Zazen (Zen seated meditation). They elucidate, in poetic form, the workings of the phenomenal world.

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