About thinkofnow

Mindfulness is the practice of observation and acceptance of the present moment and only the present moment. Mindfulness has been used in clinical practice to address depression, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse and many more contemporary human challenges. In this blog, I attempt to explore the treatment of mental health and addictions issues through mindfulness-based clinical interventions.


One response to “About thinkofnow

  1. Ann O'Hara

    Hey Erin– Rhune just gave me your blog site. Very cool. I didnt know you are a boodist..
    It doesnt surprise me in the least to see you going for it. I always knew you would do well.
    Im a psychotherapist in the Longmont area now. But this techy stuff leaves me behind. Went to Naropa. I understand your mindfulness orientation.
    Glad you like Ore. Im sure its gorgeous.
    And belated congrats on being a married woman,
    –Ann O

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