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Erin Durst

Erin Durst

I am a psychotherapist in Portland, OR. Originally from Colorado and now firmly installed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I went into social work because I’m passionate about helping the people I work with change their lives by realizing their own strengths!

As a therapist, I believe that although each one of us faces unique challenges, everyone can benefit from self-work in therapeutic settings. I see life as a journey that we are all on. We do have to walk the path ourselves, but it can sometimes be helpful to have a guide or road marker to help us find our way.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and my masters degree in Social Work from Portland State University.

My interests in mindfulness-based relapse prevention stem from a 10-year personal mindfulness practice in Zen Buddhism. My clinical practice includes stints in medical mental health settings, victim’s services, corrections, and community mental health.

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