Elisha Goldstein talks with John Briere

Elisha Goldstein’s blog has recently posted a great interview with John Briere, a clinician in Los Angeles who specializes in trauma and the use of mindfulness in addressing it. This is a fabulous post and could be of special interest to addictions professionals, given how many of the people we work with have experienced trauma.

Dr. Briere says:

Mindfulness is a learnable set of skills, involving ongoing, moment-by-moment focused awareness and openness to the here-and-now, without judgment and with acceptance. It is, in some sense, the polar opposite of avoidance. Mindfulness can be a useful component of trauma therapy in several ways: the therapist can be mindful, which will increase her compassion and empathic attunement toward the client; she can communicate non-judgment, and acceptance, which the client may then internalize; and the client can learn mindfulness during treatment.

See more at Mindfulness & Psychotherapy.

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