DSM-V proposed revisions announced

The working groups for the new DSM-V have announced their suggestions on revisions to the DSM for the fifth edition. Read the revisions suggested for Substance-Related Disorders…

 *Substance-Related Disorders Not Currently Listed in DSM-IV
 Cannabis Withdrawal
 Substance-Use Disorder
 Alcohol-Use Disorder
 Amphetamine-Use Disorder
 Cannabis-Use Disorder
 Cocaine-Use Disorder
 Hallucinogen-Use Disorder
 Inhalant-Use Disorder
 Nicotine-Use Disorder
 Opioid-Use Disorder
 Other (or Unknown) Substance-Use Disorder
 Phencyclidine-Use Disorder
 Polysubstance-Use Disorder
 Sedative, Hypnotic, or Anxiolytic-Use Disorder

*Substance-Related Disorders Proposed to be Subsumed Under Other Diagnoses (No DSM-5 Criteria Proposed)

303.90 Alcohol Dependence

304.40 Amphetamine Dependence
304.30 Cannabis Dependence
304.20 Cocaine Dependence
304.50 Hallucinogen Dependence
305.00 Alcohol Abuse
305.70 Amphetamine Abuse
304.20 Cannabis Abuse
304.60 Cocaine Abuse
305.30 Hallucinogen Abuse
304.60 Inhalant Dependence
305.90 Inhalant Abuse
305.1 Nicotine Dependence
304.00 Opioid Dependence
305.5 Opioid Abuse
304.60 Phencyclidine Dependence
305.90 Phencyclidine Abuse
304.80 Polysubstance Dependence
304.10 Sedative, Hypnotic, or Anxiolytic Dependence
305.40 Sedative, Hypnotic, or Anxiolytic Abuse
304.90 Other (or Unknown) Substance Dependence
305.90 Other (or Unknown) Substance Abuse


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