Introducing Think Of Now

Erin Durst

Erin Durst

An introduction is in order!

In Think of Now, I’ll be detailing my progress as I learn about mindfulness-based relapse prevention from a variety of academic sources, experts, and personal experience.

You may use anything I post here in whatever way you wish. However–please provide a citation if you reproduce something!


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One response to “Introducing Think Of Now

  1. Rachael Molitor

    Hi Erin,
    Great blog!
    I attended a training called the Basic Mindfulness Toolkit. Janet Sims, a student of Shinzen Young, taught the class. She is creating a “toolkit,” based on Shinzen’s work. The class was super enlightening (not in the “enlightened” sense, but I’m working on it).
    Here is her website: She works here in Portland and teaches at PSU. She might be a good one to interview for the blog!

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